Monday, 13 October 2008

Does Blogging Pay ?

You bet ? Everything in life pays. Some in the form of money, some for goods, some merely for satisfaction and you can image what ever out of it. Blogging is a small art which lots and lots of us are doing round the clock. Most of us do not look at the earning potential it has. Then you may ask ..... how does it pay ? Working on a free site and free server and free free .. why would we get paid ?

Think again. For it pays. Do not expect a blog to pay you like a stock in the share market jumping 10-20 per cent the next day. This is a place where it requires sincere dedication of writing out articles on topics that you love. It takes time and efforts to get to a level where you can get paid.

Who pays ? There are lot may who do ! Google adsense for one pays. It has been over an year now and we have been able to generate some revenue slowly out of the blog. Not worth mentioning compared to the time it took to reach that figure but yes, slowly with time you can start earning.

And just in case you need some tips, feel free to get in touch. Lastly we would sincerely thank you, the reader of this blog, for your efforts are what got us that payment. Cheers !

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